Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Dilemma of a Ham-Loving Vegetarian

A few weeks ago, my ten year old daughter, Gwen, announced to my husband that she has decided to become a vegetarian.
By the way,  Dad, I'm a vegetarian now. So mostly I'm not going to eat meat. Unless we're having ham, because I really love ham. And I can have bologna and a hamburger every once in a while. 
A few days later, she caught me in the kitchen.
Mom, do you think it would be ok for me to eat meat on Mondays? You know, because Monday starts with M. And so does meat. So it could be Meat Monday. Would that be ok?
That makes perfect sense, sweetie.
And life goes on. A couple weeks passed without incident as we let this phase run it's course. Then she left for a week of Bible camp, and I missed her like crazy.

When she finally came home, one of my million questions was, "How was the food?" She looked right in my eyes and became very animated.
It was really good, but Mom. The worst thing happened. 

WHAT?? Apparently, Gwen told the camp that she was a vegetarian.

The nice cooks made her special meals all week long. But guess day they had HAM! My little ham-loving vegetarian was stuck eating mac and cheese made especially for her. She described the horror of smelling and seeing ham all around her. Thankfully, she realized it would look bad to ask for ham since the cooks had gone out of their way to make something else for her.

She's pretty much back to being a carnivore.

So here's the kicker. She's supposed to go back to that same little camp for another week in July. It's a tiny camp, and I suspect they might remember her (she's very loud). Now she has to either fess up about not being a real vegetarian or risk missing out on another ham dinner.

This is one of those times when I will step back and let my child figure out a solution for her own problem. But it does makes me giggle. :)

Oh, and here's a link for her favorite little camp, East Iowa Bible Camp. She recommends it!