Friday, March 15, 2013

Leprechaun Mirror

Today I'm going to share a tutorial for a cute St. Patrick's Day craft I made with a 1st and 2nd Grade Girl Scout Troop.

I started with the instructions on this site, but added a few more steps.


  • 1 hand mirror per child (from the Dollar Tree)
  • 1 sheet of foam core per every 6 children (from the Dollar Tree; it's like a thick sheet of poster board)
  • 1 pack of colored craft foam per every 4 children (from the Dollar Tree)
  • Foam glue
  • Scissors
  • E-6000 glue
  • Exacto knife, metal ruler, pencil and cutting board
  • Template from the site that inspired me
You might have noticed the green felt in my supply picture. I was going to use it to make shamrocks, but I ran out of time.

1. Use the Exacto knife, metal ruler, pencil and cutting board to cut two 8" x 8" pieces of foam core for each child.

2. Trace the shape of the mirror on one of the squares and cut it out with your Exacto knife.

    3. Use the cut piece of foam core as a template and trace it onto a colored craft foam that will be used as the background color. It's the blue piece in my daughter's example.

    4. Use E-6000 glue to attach the cut-out foam core square to an in-tact square. It will form a perfect little nest for the mirror. Glue the mirror in place.

    The mirror should be almost flush with the top piece of foam core.
    5. Cut out the template pieces. Before you trace them onto the craft foam, lay them out on your mirror and adjust them if necessary. I did make the hair piece a little "taller" to fit my mirror.

    6. Trace the template pieces on the craft foam. Cut them out just to separate them from one another, but let the children cut along the lines.

    7. I like to create little place settings for crafts so the kids can get started right away. I covered my tables with plastic since we were working with glue and put the following in front of each chair: mirror glued to foam core, craft foam pieces ready to be cut out, and scissors. I also scattered a few things around the tables for the kids to share: foam glue, photos of the finished project, and paper towels. It's also smart to have a few extra supplies just in case someone makes a mistake. And don't forget to have a garbage bag or can handy!

    Some of my girly girls did not want to use the beard. But my silly girls were all for it! This is a picture of the mirror my daughter made. She added some gold coins for a little something extra.

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    1. So cute! I love the idea of using a mirror with a handle.