Friday, April 26, 2013

Wishing My Mother a Very Happy Birthday!

I called Mom yesterday afternoon to wish her a happy birthday. It was one of those conversations that was not funny when we were having it. Everything was ho-hum, another busy day, la-ti-da. Sometimes it takes a few hours to find the humor! Here are some things that came up.
1. Mom told me that Dad had invited some friends over for dinner to celebrate, so she was getting ready for that. No, it didn't bother her at all to cook her own birthday dinner.
2. Mom was slightly concerned about having people over because, you know (no, I didn't) the bathroom isn't really functional because of the remodel.

3. I heard a few deep thunks. Mom explained that she was trying to thaw some frozen hamburger.

4. Mom told me about her trip to the Menards to buy "a long plastic thing" for $4. Well, ACTUALLY, she got TWO long plastic things for $4. Bargain! A friend recommended it to unplug Mom's kitchen sink, since you know (no I didn't) that it was plugged and had standing water in it. Well, it worked! She was proud that she didn't need Dad's help!

5. Mom suddenly panicked because she discovered a BRIGHT YELLOW stain on her kitchen counter from the Drain-o that she had use in an attempt to unclog the sink.

6. Mom told me that Turkey, a cat that now lives in their shed, but used to belong to me, has two new black friends. She didn't seem very happy about that.

7. Comet seemed to be making progress on the Drain-o stain.

8. Mom said, "Oh, darn!" but we continued to chat. A few minutes later she casually mentioned that she had spilled a whole bag of noodles, and some of the noodles was starting to burn on the stove burners.

Then I got a call from work so I had to let her go.
Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Here's the rest of the photo that I posted at the top of this post!

UPDATE: Mom said the birthday dinner went well. The company surprised her by showing up a half hour early...with a plunger to help her unclog the sink. Mom says there's no need to own your own plunger because it's not something you use very often. And the Drain-o stain didn't come out. It's one of the few things that Comet cannot fix (dry Comet, not the liquid kind).
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