Sunday, December 21, 2014

Retailer spreads Christmas Cheer to Teen and Her Family

This will only make sense if you read these two posts first:

We made the news! I won't send the entire article because of copyright considerations, but we are the lead story on today's print and electronic editions of the Marshalltown Times-Republican. How nice is that!

Here's another funny part of the story. My cousin, Denise Kemp, works at the Times-Republican. I actually called her ahead of time when my imagination was running wild and tentatively said, "You don't think they would have the paper come out, do you?" She said no way. She told me they were down to two reporters and it was a busy news time in town with big stories on a murder and a shooting. She said they might run a photo after the fact if the store sent one in. So when Jacob from the T-R was waiting for us in the store, I immediately thought, "That dang DENISE! I've been duped!"

I went to Denise's house that afternoon, and she told me that she really didn't know because she is in a different department. AND even if she had known, she couldn't have told me because she signed a confidentiality agreement that prevents her from revealing things like that. Well played. :)

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