Sunday, January 4, 2015

We Seriously Need to Find Some New Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

One of my favorite ways to relax over Christmas break was to watch old movies and get my knitting needles going. I made an infinity scarf. And then I made an infinity scarf. And then I made another infinity scarf. It was a long break. 

This morning I realized that there is really only one socially acceptable way to wear an infinity scarf, at least here in Iowa.
I would like to propose a few other ways to rock an infinity scarf. K?
The Kris Kross (will make you...JUMP! JUMP!)
The Mystery Girl
The First Day of School Backpack
The Headband/Neck Warmer
The Shoulder Shawl
The Labradoodle
The Other Labradoodle
In hindsight, I should have applied a touch of makeup before snapping selfies, but I assume you were paying more attention to fabulous scarf fashions than my naked face. I double labradoodle dog dare you to wear one of these new styles the next time you go out. Fashion froward, my friends! Let's do this!

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