Monday, October 1, 2012

Soccer Season

I love watching my kids in their activities! It's a busy, but very fun time of life! We've been spending a lot of time at soccer fields lately. Gwen plays U8 recreational soccer and Alli plays U12 competitive. Emma tried to play soccer, but we decided it wasn't her thing when we had to keep reminding her not to sit down on the field.

Last year, Gwen was more of a follower on the soccer field. She would sometimes make friends with players from the other team. Or she would yell at other players for kicking her in the shins. She's a much better and more aggressive player this year! We woke her up early on Saturday for her game in LaPorte City. Gwen, TJ and I were in the car, almost to the game, and we had this conversation.

Gwen: Is this practice or a game?
TJ: It's a game, Gwen.
Gwen: Dad, are you going to play in the game?
TJ: No, Gwen.
Gwen: I know how we can win. Every time they get the ball, we can just trip them.
TJ: No, Gwen. Please don't trip anybody.
Gwen: Ok. Mom, are you going to watch?
Me: Yes, why else would I be in the car?
Gwen: [fist pump] Yes!
Gwen: (as we're driving through a town that hadn't quite woken up) It looks like there was an earthquake in this town!

Gwen was getting a little frustrated in the game and started getting too aggressive. TJ helps coach and had to yell this exact phrase during the game, "Hey, Gwen! Kick the ball, not their legs!"
Alli usually plays defense, so we were thrilled when she scored a goal on Sunday! Here's a picture from Alli's game a couple weekends ago. I was completely distracted because the SKY was ridiculously amazing! This picture gives you a tiny taste of what it was like in real life.

I like to cheer for the team, but a lot of times I get half-way through what I'm saying and I forget where I'm going with it. Or I yell the wrong name. Saturday I yelled "Go Hudson!" and that team wasn't even playing. Sometimes I start saying a name and do a double-check and end up pronouncing it weird. Like I start to yell, "Go Jasmine!" It's not a hard name, but it comes out, "Go Jazz-ay-man!" Oh, I HATE that! Or I might yell something like, "Nice kissel!" That's a cross between nice kick and good hussel. Ah well. At least I have spirit!  

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