Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wedding Coloring Books

I don't remember who it started with, but I've been making wedding coloring books for at least ten years. I mean, I just make them for friends and family, not professionally or anything like that. I got my first images by scanning Emma's Barbie coloring book, but I've collected many more images from my best pal, Google.

I re-use images, but the key to a successful wedding coloring book is personalization. Here's how Kelly's book turned out. I'll type the story under each picture so you don't have to squint.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Kelly. She always dreamed of getting married...some day.
Kelly grows up and meets a handsome man named Tyler at a wedding. Tyler likes Kelly's big hair and asks for her number.
Kelly gets ready for her wedding day. She is upset that the invitations go out with two stamps.
Side note: Kelly took an invitation to the post office, and the post officer weighed it and gave her stamps. But when Kelly returned to the post office with the invitations, she found out that the post officer had given her the wrong stamps. Kelly had a melt down! A George Washington stamp was added next to the pretty stamp on each pristine linen envelope.
Kelly's friends and family help her decorate The Holy Trinity Parish Life Center.
Kelly tries to have a good breakfast, but she's too excited to eat.
Kelly's sister, Amy, helps her get ready for the wedding. Their hair is done, and they will put their dresses on at the church.
Kelly and Tyler text and go out on some dates. Tyler moved to Waterloo and Kelly drops a few hints that she would like a ring.
One day, Tyler takes Kelly on a helicopter ride over Chicago. "Kelly will you marry me?" "Yes, Tyler! I will marry you!"
Tyler waves goodbye as he heads to the ceremony. He feels nervous about the wedding, but he's sure he wants to marry Kelly.
Kelly is beautiful, and Tyler is a handsome prince. He asks Kelly if she likes his crown. She's still thinking.
Help Kelly and Tyler decorate a beautiful wedding cake!
[Word Search uses words that mean something to Kelly and Tyler.]
Kelly always wanted to be a dancer, so Tyler and Kelly do a dance number for guests at their reception in Kalona. Everyone claps politely, but they think it's a little strange.
Kelly is glad she saved enough frequent flyer miles to go to Maui for their honeymoon! Tyler wants to run on the beach, but Kelly tells him to slow down.
Tyler and Kelly live happily ever after. Soon, their adorable daughter arrives with dark hair and brown eyes.

I mean the end of Kelly's book. NOT the end of the post. Read on, reader. Especially if you love my idea and want to make your own. I'm about to spill my secrets. 

How to make a Wedding Coloring Book

If you're interested in making a coloring book, you can either ask me to send you my template or follow my tips.

Page Count

Plan to have either 12 or 16 pages. It needs to be a multiple of four because each sheet of paper has four pages, two on each side.


Unless you're a graphic designer or have a fancy copier that can create a book, the layout is TA-RICK-EE. I use my ghetto design software of choice: Microsoft PowerPoint. It's not fancy, but it works every time. I put two coloring book pages on each slide. You have to zig zag your pages from the bottom so they end up in the right order when you fold them together. Use a pattern like this.


Print your PowerPoint file and take it to be copied. When you duplex (copy from 1-side to 2-sides) a landscape document, turn every other page of your original upside down. Like this: 


I usually just fold the books in half. I would prefer to saddle stitch them (put a couple staples in the fold) to hold them together, but I haven't figured out a cheap quick way to do that. They stay together pretty well if you give them a good crease.


I suggest putting the books in a cute chest or basket, and don't forget crayons! You can buy crayons in bulk from party stores. Make plenty of copies of the book because if you make them cute enough, a lot of the adult guests will want one in addition to the kids who need quiet entertainment.

And there you have it! Now you know everything I know about making coloring books. They're super easy and very fun!

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