Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eyebrow Threading

I was in a mall yesterday with TJ, Teen Queen Emma and my sister-in-law, Amy Jo. We stopped at a mall kiosk and talked to a lady about eyebrow threading. She said it hurts less and lasts longer than waxing, so Emma decided to give it a try. The lady wasn't sure how a young girl would take it. That didn't make sense to me because the lady had just told us it was less painful than waxing. Hmmm...

Emma decided to give it a try. The lady used a regular thread, like what you sew with. She twisted it, held it with both hands and her mouth, and zipped it along the skin to pull out a line of hair. It's pretty slick! A few people even stopped to watch, which is something you have to endure when you get your eyebrows threaded in the middle of a mall.

Here is Emma with her left brow done. She said it didn't hurt much.

After seeing Emma get through it, I decided to get mine done. I tried not to be a wimp, but it sounded and felt like a duck push toy with floppy leather feet was being driven over my brow. Seriously, this is the image that was in my head while I was in the chair.
Photo from here

I'm sure I said, "Ouch" or something along those lines because Amy Jo leaned over me. Here's how the conversation went. I swear I'm not making this up!

     Amy Jo: Does it hurt?

     Me: Yes!

     Lady: (very serious with a heavy Indian accent) No ma'am.

     In my head: Why is she telling me it doesn't hurt when it does hurt?
     Amy Jo: So it does hurt?

     Me: Yeah, it does!

     Lady: No, ma'am. It doesn't.

     In my head: I am a wussy!

     Me: Well, I guess it's not too bad.

I don't care what anybody says. I will tell you the truth. It absolutely does hurt to get your eyebrows threaded. Here's me trying not to cry. I had to hold my skin tight for the lady to get a good rip. She is also using both her hands and her mouth to hold the string. It must have been a pretty big job.

Here's what I looked like after. Get a good look because I'm not going to do that ever again.

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