Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love Grows Here

One day this summer, I came home and found this in my yard.

That's how I knew Emma, our thoughtful 13-year-old, had been at the neighborhood garage sales. I asked her if she'd bought something for the yard. Her eyes lit up! Of course I sweetly told her how much I (opposite of) love it! It's so (not) beautiful! Emma told me she saw it and knew right away that it was perfect for me.

I actually do love things for my yard, but I lean toward glassy, funky things. It's a fine line between cool yard art and cheesy scalloped wooden signs with faded ribbons. Some people are unable to detect that line. It's like when you try to be so specific with the sweater you want for Christmas, almost to the point of feeling guilty. And then you get the sweater that technically matches your request, only it's a cheap Kmart version instead of the nicer-looking one you had in mind. You smile and say it's EXACTLY what you wanted!

A few days later, Emma asked if I really liked my Love Grows Here sign. Like a good mother, I gushed about how cute it was. Emma laughed and said, "You know it's a joke, right?" Oh thank goodness!! I left it up in our yard as a symbol of our shared sense of humor. TJ never mentioned it.

I was thinking about my friend, Kelly, who is getting married in a few weeks. Where more does love grow than in the home of a newlywed couple? It's like this sign was made for her! I snuck over to her house on my way into work this morning. But guess what happened! As I was getting ready to turn on her street, she was sitting in her car right there at her corner. I panicked! I looked right at her, and hoped she hadn't seen me. I turned down another block and backtracked to her house. I jammed the sign into her yard, snapped some pictures, and literally skipped back to my car.

Then I got a text:

     Kelly: Forget something?!
     Me: Nope. Secret mission

When I got to work, she said Tyler was home when I was there and was watching me out the window. Oopsy-doopsy! Luckily, Tyler is a good guy and refuses to spoil the surprise.

I think it adds a nice pop of color to her house, don't you? I hope she enjoys it as much as I have.

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