Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fashion Update

Here's what I wore to work yesterday.

This is another great example of work pajamas. Click here if you don't understand what I mean by that.

Also please notice that I still haven't found a decent pair of black heels to wear to work. Click here if you also don't understand that comment. (Seriously, you should go back and read my archives...there's some good stuff there!) Ok, this should be fun. Guess which shoes I wore:
A. The Party Girls (too high for every day use)
B. Last Year's Party Girls (ugly and uncomfortable)
C. My Old Favorites (about-to-break-off heel, and no, I still have not thrown them away, get off my back about that)
D. My Really Old Favorites (very, very well used and are different heights since the sole came off one heel)
E. My Latest Attempt (made for someone with a shorter foot and longer toes)
F. All of the above.

tdtdtdtdtdtdtdtddt (that's a drum roll) It's D. My Really Old Favorites. :)

If you "got" both of those references without having to click on the links, I thank you very much for being a faithful reader of this little bloggy.

P.S. My Aunt Betty, who is awesomely funny, told me that she almost always wears bracelets because someone told her that bracelets make you look thinner. Never mind that the lady who told her that was selling bracelets. I say it can't hurt! Oh boy, can you imagine how athletic I will look next time I wear a bracelet with my super high heels. I hope people recognize me!

P.P.S. If you ever go to Weight Watchers, do two things at your first meeting. First, wear heavy clothes so you have the potential to "lose more weight." Second, wear heels or at least sneakily stand on your toes when they measure your hight. Your goal weight will be based on your height, so the taller you are, the higher your goal weight can be. You have to be sneaky because they're used to seeing tricks like that.

P.P.P.S. Here's another fashion tip to make your legs look tan in a picture. Let your leg hair grow out just a little bit. Use caution because if they're too hairy, they will look hairy in the picture. Also, please make sure you're not going to sit near anyone or go out in the sun on those days. If you do forget that your kid has a soccer game, and you find yourself sitting in the sun next to another parent you've been trying to get to know, pull your skirt or shorts down over your knees and (this is the most important) KEEP YOUR LEGS TUCKED UNDER YOUR CHAIR. Not that I've personally been in that situation...ok, yeah. I've been in that situation a few times. Oh, and don't waste your time zooming in on my picture to check out my leg tan because I made sure the resolution is too low for you to see any details. :)

That's all.


  1. Love the hairy leg section. I was on my back a few days ago at yoga class, legs in the air, and noticed my legs looked like two porcupines about to attack me. I guess I need to shave my legs in the sun the same as when I pluck my chin hairs. It works really well to keep a tweezers in the car (the light is good in the car, try it) so you can check and pluck any stray chin and eyebrow hairs before heading into WalMart. However, it is a little embrarrassing when people catch you doing the plucking, in your car, in the lot, before Sunday church! No, I'll never shave my legs in the car....Aunt "B"

  2. Ha! I love the description of the porcupines coming at you in yoga class! And thanks for the tip on plucking?

    Love ya!