Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Joking Around in the Office

Kelly and I like to joke around with our coworker we’ll call Steve. His real name is Steve. He’s not on facebook or any of that social media stuff, but he asked me not to use his last name here. Otherwise, I would tell you his last name and his mailing address.

The shenanigans started with Kelly’s Wall of Wow!
Please contact me if you have additional photos of Steve. They're not easy to come by, and we hope to continue building the Wall of Wow!

One day, Kelly and I received an awesome deal from Sears Portrait Studios for a free sitting and portrait. We somehow got right in the next day. I'm sure they were completely booked, but happened to have a cancellation. It was a pretty fun photo shoot because the professional at Sears made us feel like real models. We asked her for ideas for cute poses, and she suggested one of us lay down on our stomach and the other lay on top. We opted not to do that. In the end, we split the cost of a $5 frame and had a nice little present for Steve.

Another time, we put a picture of Steve on a stick and I took it with me to England and France. When I got home, I showed a presentation in a staff meeting that included these pictures.

I'll end with a few quick Steve stories. All true.

Once upon a time, I was playing a Bags video game with Steve at a work event. People started getting jazzy with the initials that would appear on the back of our shirts when it was our turn to play. I put ANN and someone else put something like BAD. Steve put STD. He was thinking stud, but anyone who has taken health class in the last 30 years knows STD does not stand for stud.

Once upon a time, Steve tried to open his hotel window, and he messed up his finger. After several weird contraptions, surgeries, and physical therapy sessions, he still can't straighten it. He says it's not a big deal, but it's annoying when he's trying to put his hand in a pocket.

Once upon a time, Steve saw a homeless man outside his office window struggling to bring in a fish he'd caught in the river. Steve went out to help him pull it in. See the fishing net in the pictures above? It was taken the day Steve met his homeless fishing friend, Larry.

Once upon a time, Steve managed a guy who started wearing women's clothing to work and changed his name to Lisa.

Once upon a time, Steve got a really good deal on some high end roller blades. Unfortunately, they were for racing, and Steve was unable to slow himself down.

Once upon a time, Steve called into a conference call when he was in a dentist chair.

Once upon a time, Steve and I were travelling for work. I went to my room and sat down to make a phone call. Then Steve came right into my room! We were both confused for a second until we realized the hotel had made an error. We got it straightened out right away. Since then, I've accidentally walked into two other rooms at two other hotels where people have been inside. It's always awkward, whether you know them or not. And that's why you always use the chain and deadbolt, people.

Once upon a time, Steve was late to work because his cows got out. One especially confused beast went to the school and had to be shot down by a local sharpshooter. It’s the kind of thing that sometimes happens to Steve.

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