Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mrs. Fuzzy Toilet O'Topper

This is how the potty started. Earlier this year, I stopped by a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Madison, Wisconsin on my way through town. In the bathroom, I saw this.
Do you see the fuzzy toilet cover on top of the toilet? I named her Mrs. Fuzzy Toilet O'Topper. Here are some of my unanswered questions.
  • What thoughtful person followed through with bringing Mrs. Fuzzy Toilet O'Topper to KFC and place her on her throne?
  • I can't remember the last time I saw a fuzzy toilet topper. Do they even make them any more?
  • Is she sanitary? How is she cleaned? (She didn't look clean.)
  • What is her purpose? Are you supposed to put your purse on her? Is she merely a decorative focal point?
  • How long has she been there?
  • Why is she the only piece of luxury in the bathroom?
  • When employees clean the bathroom, do they make a conscious decision to keep her in place?
After taking this picture and thinking about the above questions, I started noticing other public restrooms where people were going the extra mile. I'll share more pictures in another post. And please, if you have them, send me more. It eventually led to me decorating my first public restroom...see my post called The First Mission of the Potty Princess.

Well, last week I happened to be driving through Madison around lunch time. I decided to check in on my old friend Mrs. Fuzzy Toilet O'Topper. I was giddy as I entered the restaurant and headed over to the restroom. Guess what! It's been SEVEN MONTHS, and look! She's still there!
She's a little cockeyed, but Mrs. Fuzzy Toilet O'Topper is still hanging on!
She's a little dirtier. But I guess that shows she's being used...for something.
Mrs. Fuzzy Toilet O'Topper was dangerously close to the flusher, so I was careful not to touch her.
I should be going back through Madison in a couple weeks, and I have formulated a plan. Stay tuned!


  1. Dear Potty Princess,
    The only logical thing to do in Madison is to decorate this beloved bathroom in chicken decor. Let me know if you are short. I can be a secret supplier. S in WDM

  2. Oh, "S"! We are SO on the same page! I have the frames, just need to print out the chickens! I may also target other KFCs, and will totally accept any supplies you have!