Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I might be a stalker

TJ and I started noticing a very artistic van around town about a year ago. We see it so often that we started taking pictures of it and texting them to each other. It's been a fun way to connect! A few of my coworkers have gotten into it, too. I deleted most of the pictures, but here are some that will help you understand why its so easy to spot.

Favorite hangouts: Barnes & Noble, 4th Street downtown, Hy-Vee, Goodwill and the Crossroads mall area.

We hadn't seen The Van in a couple months. But on Friday, TJ texted me with big, big news. The Van has been painted! The Van Guy sometimes comes into the gym where TJ works out, but oddly TJ has never seen him actually work out. On Friday, The Van Guy showed up at the gym, but The Van had a face lift! TJ sent me a picture, but I'm not even going to post it here because it's mostly covered by the sign that was on the window between the camera and the van.

And then yesterday TJ took me out to lunch. It seems that good things always happen when TJ takes me out to lunch because I got to see The Van with my own eyes! TJ drove around the block so I could get a good photo. I admit that I often have to drive around the block or parking lot for this purpose. It's the thrill of the hunt.
The Van was on my side of the street, so I was too close to get the whole thing in the frame. The orange stuff is tape, and it appears to be a work in progress. It looks like an abstract horse. Or it could be a landscape with mountains and river. Or maybe lightening. Any other good guesses?

Let me defend myself before you go calling me a creepola. I don't go out looking for The Van. It seems to anticipate my whereabouts and places itself in my path. It's almost like The Van stalks me. I find it hard to ignore. Anyway, a van like that probably likes the attention.

I'll keep you posted on the transition of The Van. I'm sure I'll see it around, and like you, I'm looking forward to seeing the new artwork!


  1. I hope the plans consist of more than just leaving the orange tape on because frankly, I'm a bit disappointed. You can't just go from a Jamaican lightning bolt to a white van with orange stripes. There's a reputation to uphold now.

  2. Ha! Jamaican Lightnig Bolt is the PERFECT name for the design! Funny stuff!