Monday, September 10, 2012

WANTED: One Perfect Pair of Black Heels

Lately, TJ tenses up whenever I point toward a shoe store. He tries to say calm and asks, "What are you looking for?" He knows I'm looking for black heels, but I say, "Oh, I don't know, I'm just looking." Or I say one of the girls need shoes. Because if I tell the truth, TJ will remind me that I already have black heels. He's right. I do have black heels. But I still one more pair.

He reads this blog, so I'm going to make my case. Here are the five pairs of black heels in my closet.
Let's meet the candidates up close.

 The Party Girls

I bought these recently to to wear to bachelorette party. I was worried they would hurt me after an hour, but they held up all night! The heels on these shoes are pretty high for me. The benefit is that the added height me look extremely slender. Like crazy skinny. :) The drawback is that I can't walk as well as I would like to. Skinniness trumps the ability to walk in certain social events, but not for every day work shoes. They are not black heels that I can wear to work on a regular basis. Unless someone wants to give me a foot rub every night. No? Ok, then I need different black heels to wear regularly.  

Last Year's Party Girls

I got these shoes for $5 at Target a couple years ago. They pinch and push too much of my toes out the front. And see how the heel curves back under the shoe? It's like the designer was attempting to fool the eye into thinking the foot is smaller than it really is, but it looks weird and isn't very stable. You can have these shoes for free if you wear a 7 1/2 and are willing to ignore my warnings. They're like new, barely worn!

My Old Favorites

I loved these shoes! I wore them so much that the heel is breaking away from the shoe. I keep them because I haven't found a good replacement. The last time I wore them, I walked around on the balls of my feet so I wouldn't totally break off the heel. Now that I'm writing this, I see how crazy I sound, and I will throw them away. I promise.

My REALLY Old Favorites

As you can see, I also loved these shoes. They're rough, but I actually still wear them every once in a while. I'd prefer a slightly higher heel, no frayed seams, insides that aren't pulling out, and most importantly, a sole on the bottom of both heels, not just one. Ever since the sole fell off one of the heels, I stand crooked in them, but I don't think people really notice. They're bad, but I'm not going to throw them away quite yet, until I have a better option.

My Latest Attempt

I was excited to find these cute shoes for $10. I am willing to pay up to $15 for the right pair of heels (yeah, my cheapness is a major part of the problem). The total length of the shoe from my heel to toe is perfect, it's the in-between that's messed up. The shoes are made for someone with a shorter foot and longer toes. You would not believe how uncomfortable that makes them. So uncomfortable that I've worn My Old Favorites and My REALLY Old Favorites in order to avoid them. I will keep them as a reminder that I need to find better heels. On the bright side, I think shorter toes are much cuter thank longer toes, so it is a boost to my self esteem. Kind of like when you lose weight and love wearing your baggy jeans. The looser they get, the more uncomfortable they are. Even though you have to keep pulling them up, you feel awesome in them! You walk around all cocky, trying to make them look as baggy as possible. But then you see a picture of yourself in the baggy jeans, and you realize you don't look thin, just sloppy. And then you don't like your baggy jeans any more. So then you're looking for a great pair of jeans for $20 or less and a great pair of heels for under $15. It's exhausting! Except right now my jeans are as tight as could be, so it's just the shoes I need. I'm not going to try to lose weight until after I find the shoes. I like to take one step at a time. Oh boy.

Yeah, I of my weakest posts ever. If this is your first time reading, it really does get better!

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