Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Pajama Loophole

I discovered a way around business casual. I wear clothes that pass for business casual, but are comfortable enough to wear to bed. That means no khaki pants and no fitted button down shirts. Instead, go for soft cotton skirts, dresses and tops. If an outfit is especially casual, pair it with an extra fancy boot or shoe. Also always wear earrings in order to appear more put together. For example, here's what I wore today.
Work pajamas
If I had wanted to dress it up, I might have added a scarf, but it was good enough for today. There are only 15 people in my office, so it's not a big deal. Sometimes our building gets chilly, so on top of wearing pajamas, I also keep a blanket at my desk.

Another day...another PJ.

Today, after going to work, chatting to the school secretary and guidance counselor, going to the orthodontist, and grabbing a sandwich at Subway, my daughter asked me why I was wearing two different earrings. Oh, dang.
It's surprisingly difficult to take a photo of your own earrings.
You know how kids these days wear two different socks? Well, it's kind of like that, only it's not cool and it's not done on purpose. I once wore one navy and one black shoe to a conference I was attending in San Jose with a new boss. They weren't even the same style of shoes. In my defense, I was pregnant, but of course that was another thing I was hiding from my boss. Another morning when I was pregnant, I threw my cell phone in my purse. But when I got to work, I found the house phone in my purse. Not so helpful. Oh, and another time when I was NOT pregnant, I was at work and realized that I was wearing TJ's black dress pants. And I got compliments on them. True story.

But do you want to know something funny? My mom came to a soccer game on Saturday and asked me if I like her new sunglasses.
Nice bling, Mom!
Very nice! I asked her what the DG stands for. Mom said she didn't notice that part when she bought them. (WHAT?) And she thinks DG is for Dollar General. Ha! I'm sure these glasses have been flying off the shelf, what with everyone being so proud to shop at the Dollar General. Who's with me in wanting to rock some DG sunglasses? If we ALL start wearing them, they'll become cool. Kind of like those rubber bracelets that are all the rage. Head out to your local Dollar General store. DG rules!

P.S. I'm so pathetically unaware of fashion that I had to rely on my buddy, Google, to find out that the DG glasses are supposed to be a knock-off of Dolce and Gabbana. But I'm still saying it stands for Dollar General.

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  1. Totally going to look for a pair of Dollar General sunglasses for myself!