Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pish the Fish

Pish is Gwen's very best friend.
Pish and Gwen

Pish used to be a vivid orange and white clownfish. He's lost most of his color and microbeads over the years, but he's still beautiful to Gwen!

Moshi, the company who made Pish, went out of business, so we can't exactly replace him. We've tried similar toys over the years.

Gwen likes all of them, but her heart belongs to Pish. What's not to love?

Gwen has been asking all summer long for a Pish windsock that she sees swimming in the breeze outside the Flowerama. I surprised her with it last week.

I didn't realize what a good value this was until I got home. This is a direct quote from the packaging:

Premier's Swimming Fish, designed by Christophe Goy of Switzerland, are a cross between a weather vane, a windsock, and a pet.

"And a PET?" Seriously? I'm in marketing, but I think that's stretching it, don't you?

Here's a link if you think I'm making this up!

Please let me know if you happen to have a Moshi microbead clown fish pillow. I would love to have a new one! Then again, I suspect she will always prefer the original, ragged Pishy the Fishy.

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