Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pish the Fish is Very Cool

{Click here if you missed the introduction to Pish the Fish.}

When I woke up Gwen yesterday morning she told me Pishy was in the freezer. She said she was hot and Pish wanted to make her cold. 

So I went to the freezer and found him under an ice pack that I’m pretty sure I left in a cooler.

Pish isn't in the best shape of his life, so I carefully worked through the layers, as if I were removing an Egyptian mummy from a tomb. Here's how he looked when I removed the ice pack.
I also found a ducky neck pillow on the top shelf that I’m pretty sure I did not put in the freezer. I guess that's the back up plan. Or maybe the decoy.

I left the neck pillow in the freezer and brought Pish to Gwen. I have a feeling Pish will be spending more time in the freezer, and I really hope he keeps his fins off my ice cream!

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