Thursday, September 13, 2012

Potty Princess - Attack of the Chihuahuas

How many of you love Taco Johns? All of you, that's who! There is a Taco Johns conveniently near my office that I visit whenever I need a quick taco. It's on Laporte Road in Waterloo for you local folks who are interested in visiting. Most of the employees are older ladies who take their job seriously and are noticeably friendly. I thought they deserved a treat today!

Enter: The Potty Princess!

I wanted to stick with a Mexican theme, even though Taco Johns is only Mexican in an American sort of way. Have you noticed that you don't see too many Mexicans in Taco Johns? At least not in the one in Waterloo. Side note: Last week I went to a hibachi restaurant where the Japanese chef makes a big show of cooking on a hot grill in front of you. Our chef's name was Fernando. And he didn't have too many tricks up his sleeve.

Back to Taco Johns. I printed out pictures of ceramic Chihuahuas and placed them in 5" x 7" frames. Thank you very much to my friend, Alisa for donating the frames! They fit nicely in my purse, along with some Command hooks that won't damage the walls. Bah-dah-bingo!

Here are the images I used. You're going to want to scroll down because they are just precious!
I think this is a cookie jar.

This is for sale on ebay.

This poor pup has super short front legs.

This one is pure genius and appeals to nearly everyone.

Oh! And the most exciting part is that I sent my kids in to check on the bathroom 8 hours after I decorated it, and the pictures are still there! Success!!

To the nice Taco Johns ladies: 

You're welcome for your surprise!

Much love,
The Potty Princess (P.P.)


  1. Oh my gosh, this is the awesomest thing I've ever heard of in my whole life. Can you start a Potty Princess club? I'll totally join.

  2. It could be a whole movement, couldn't it!? Glad you "get it", Lindsey!

  3. This is pure genius!! Seriously, Ann! Very tactfully done. I think that Taco John's might even hire you to do powder room makeovers for the whole chain. This could be BIG! Go for it, girlfriend.

  4. I bet the men's bathroom is jealous!!! Brenda Hau

  5. Another success! Can't wait for the next one!