Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Potential Spa Treatment

I was poking around the website of the Riverside Casino and Resort while I was making a reservation for Kelly’s wedding. The first thing that caught my interest was the spa. I briefly wondered if I should ask them to comp me a massage in exchange for a detailed review on my blog. But then I remembered that they might read my blog and realize:
A) I don’t reach a huge audience
B) Most of my readers would not be in the market for their classy spa services
C) Chances are high that I would not give a serious review
D) All of the above

D is correct.

One spa service in the massage category caught my eye: Tranquillescense. I’m sure I’m behind the times, but I have never heard of it before. Here’s the description:
Tranquillescense~30 Min $45
This treatment involves a constant stream of warm oil over your forehead. Designed to relieve stress and anxiety while bringing clarity to the mind.

Doesn’t it sound a little like water boarding? But I do kind of want to try it, just because it’s fun to try new things. Remember how much fun I had with eyebrow threading? Too bad about the $45 though. I’d be in for $15. I wonder if they’d give me 10 minutes for $15. It seems fair.

In an effort to thoroughly research my posting, I googled Tranquillescense. There was only one result found, for Riverside Casino and Golf Resort. Hmmmmm...I take back that comment about being behind the times. I think Riverside Casino and Golf Resort might have invented it. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to be catching on.

Next, I googled "warm oil constant forehead". It looks like the more common word for the treatment is shirodhara, and it's supposed to awaken your third eye.

In truth, the Riverside Resort and Casino looks exceptionally nice, and I’m looking forward to staying there!

By the way, I know of a farmer who paid for his daughter’s wedding by selling some sheep semen because he had a very fine ram. (At first I wrote seaman, but that didn’t look right. I also learned from the Internet that a male sheep with testicles is called a ram, and one without is called a wether. Spell check does not recognize wether or Tranquillescense, but I assure you that I have spelled both correctly. Also, spell check did not catch my seaman error.)

PS. For those of you who normally buy me birthday presents, I would like a Tranquillescense. If it’s more money than you’d like to spend, please email me and I will coordinate a group gift.

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